2016 TXYSAI   -   TEXAS, USA

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Cut Yearly Cost   Achieve cybersecurity sustainability by leveraging business practices

Increase Executive Participation   CxO + board engagement accelerated involvement

Close Gaps at Your Weakest Link   Develop an ecosystem to measure third parties

Leverage the Power of Simulations   Proactively align GRC with PR best practices 

Take Your Experts to the Next Level   CISO mentorship program, business training

Leverage the Power of Operations   Develop a program of shared responsibilities

Leverage the Power of Culture Over Strategy   Reduce cost, time, and overall effort 

Cut Time   Utilize the powerful self-assessment Cyberator that accelerates reporting by 75%



B L U E  

C Y B E R  

L A B S 

We have designed and run Cybersecurity programs for multiple organizations;

our largest one affecting 75,000 employees & 500+ departments



30-60-90-day ecosystem methodologies applied
It includes all business and IT strategic direction and decisions for proper funding/effort/staffing

Within 2 weeks: 3 scenarios and 3 simulations for the most complex upcoming decision making 


30-60-90-day sustainability and valuation methodologies and roadmaps created
It includes all business and IT governance, CISO mentorship program, and PR elements included

Within ½ day: maturity score obtained (including cyber and governance frameworks) + reports

30-60-90-day traditional technical assessment with risk analysis, scans and tests

It includes all NIST & other applicable framework controls assessment (depending on industry), gap analysis, detailed findings, recommendations, and roadmaps



Let us help you shape and mold the critical elements of your organization, towards greater cybersecurity maturity.


Tools & Cybersecurity Expertise are no longer enough.


We are seasoned experts that BUILD SOLID AND LASTING ECOSYSTEMS between business & IT, for the purpose of creating a ‘threat prepared’ culture in all areas of your organization. 


This makes you more sustainable, creates intelligent redundancies, reduces drastically your cost, and minimizes your risk.