2016 TXYSAI   -   TEXAS, USA

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T X Y S A I ?


You have had enough of exhausting your funds to get little return from the traditional consulting engagements.


Learn and implement a methodology that will free you.  

Increase your organization's services and products with incredible speed.



TXYSAI's vision is to see organizations free themselves from chronic business & IT issues, that are more easily fixed by treating them holistically, and within a common framework of operations.  For this reason, we continually perfect the development of our ecosystems framework and sustainability methodologies, so that all aspects of the enterprise can be maximized.



Our mission is to disrupt traditional business & IT consulting's long and expensive engagements, by providing our clients with a fast, more powerful, and more affordable methodology that can be quickly learned by them and repeated at will.  This frees our clients to innovate and increase the quality of their products and services, rather than see their efforts largely consumed by fixing issues.

We help you accelerate your innovation, digital transformation, and operational efficiencies, through our proprietary ecosystems framework, methodology and tools.  We thrive in seeing you reach your business & IT goals much faster, with considerable less cost, and with a lot more accuracy.  

I M M E D I A T E   R E L I E F   F R O M   3   K E Y   P A I N   P O I N T S 


  • Relief from complex and impactful key decisions in business & IT - within days – so that you can execute with better predictions, higher speed and more focus.  Multiple scenarios and simulations tailored to your environment


  • Relief by putting an end to runaway cybersecurity cost, by creating a sustainability path, that also yields more compliance, and more due diligence


  • Relief by reigning in your outsourcing issues, whether in business or in IT – reclaiming the success you envisioned at the start