2016 TXYSAI   -   TEXAS, USA

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Why is the 'labs' term used in your services?

This is because we thrive in remaining the most competitive, by continually improving our methodologies, tools and services.  'Labs' forces us to be perfection-driven and not to rest on past successes.


Can you summarize blue cyber labs services?  

Cybersecurity that is sustainable, faster, much more comprehensive, aggressively cheaper, and brings in significantly less liability.  It is a component of our ecosystem framework.  It comes with a powerful self- assessment tool.  Blue cyber labs methodology has been utilized very successfully in multi-billion dollar organizations.


Can you summarize the neutrino peach labs services?
It is a strategic decision-making methodology to make faster, better, and significantly more accurate executive decisions for all industries and sectors, via simulations and scenarios.  It contains value-based and contextual formulas that have been honed in and vetted by practitioners of multi-billion dollar organizations.  It is part of our ecosystems framework

Can you summarize the baryon bridge labs services?

It is a lasting solution for either outsourcing or outsourced organizations/teams.  It resolves serious issues related to poor performance or poor delivery, as well as proactively teaches both parties how to elevate the caliber of results and expectations from both sides. We accomplish this via tailored and customized workshops (modular approach), which includes minimal consultations, and a strategic roadmap for a sustainable path forward.


How do the three labs fit together? 

They are part of the ecosystem framework, the sustainability methods, and the valuation methods.  We infuse cybersecurity in absolutely everything we do, and include it in every engagement as a foundational component, or a deliverable per se.  We are consistently mindful of how value is understood, perceived, and produced in organizations of all sizes, so our sustainability, valuation, and contextual models are intertwined for our customer to equip them for the global digital and transformational era, which demands that these components be present in both business and IT.  Finally, we focus on the people at the edge of the transformation, where misalignments can take place, and where we can correct practices and improve delivery vis workshops and consultation.  This is another sphere of our ecosystem framework delivery.


Why do you use the word 'ecosystem'?  
This is because absolutely everything in an organization has multiple dependencies, and the actions of one unit have mild to serious repercussions everywhere else in the organization.  That is why we have developed an ecosystem framework, where we treat things holistically, and comprehensively, WITHOUT incurring additional cost and by significantly minimizing time.


Why are you different?  
We have a record of being successful practitioners, we have proprietary methodologies, and have developed innovative tools and platforms.  We get in and out within 90 days - no matter which lane we are in.  We simplify complexity, without eliminating details, to the degree that the client can own and reuse this powerful method - forever.