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a word from Steve Helms

Trusting God: Jesus Provides

John 21: 5-12

Jesus said to them, “Children, do you have any fish?”

(the answer is no – Jesus provided more than enough, and then…)

Jesus said to them, “Come and have breakfast.”


As you know, our group holds an annual Prayer Breakfast in Dallas.  The purpose is to make Jesus Christ known in our Technology community.  Tech is very secular, and we want to introduce Jesus there and be bold in our proclamation of Christ.


Having breakfast should be simple: Invite people, feed them, talk about Christ, and leave.  However, when the numbers start approaching 1000 attendees it quickly becomes complex and expensive. 


It’s in these details where God has been showing me how much I need to rely on Him, and not believe the lie that it’s all on me to make it work.  He’s teaching me how to Trust his provision.  In John 21, 5-12, Jesus provides for the disciples far more than they expected, and then asks them to join him for a breakfast that HE prepared.  


Jesus did exactly that for our Prayer Breakfast in 2016.  

…do you have any fish?


At the beginning of the year, we lost our source of funding, our Chairman was relocated to Atlanta, and I was asked to step in as President.  We had no funds, bills due, and no legal entity.  What we did have was a handful of volunteers who love Christ.  In February, we had to take a collection from leadership to meet obligations. 



In March, the gap looked huge and God sent a room full of new volunteers.  In April God sent a large financial sponsorship. Over the Summer, sponsors continued to join and met our financial needs.  In August, he delivered additional volunteers and helpers, and by the end of September, we hosted our best event to date.


Each time one of these milestones was met, it was exceedingly clear that God provided. 

….and have breakfast…


We were being faithful in the work he set before us, but the success was clearly not our doing.  Fish were put in the boat, our nets didn’t break, and a meal was prepared for us by the King of Kings!



get involved


Once a week we gather virtually to pray for each other's needs.  Our purpose is to know Christ and make him known to all those around us, with humility and patience.

global ministry

We support the technology needs of our brothers and sisters in the YWAM tech ministry around the world - where they shine the light of Christ in dark places.  All tech talent is needed.

local needs

We bring awareness and connect ministries in need of immediate help - right here in our backyard.





16 Desktops for missionaries of a school in Myanmar

In-person help below:

One or two weeks of on-site help in India, Dominican Republic, Papua New Guinea, Africa - technology assistance in a variety of areas

Network engineer for Hawaii (a few weeks)

Virtual help below:

Remote tech support for SQL server, web development, network (experts on-call and available remotely)

Application developers for a bible distribution app

We are a team of full time missionaries with Computer Science and Engineering degrees.

To send IT christians to the nations

We just pioneered our base last year and are asking God what He's calling us to focus on. We've felt like education and business are 2 area for us but not sure how they work together. We do know that our city is a major hub for online casinos so IT support is always needed and we'd like to influence these casinos for Jesus. An IT training center and possibly an IT consulting service are in the works.

I need more wisdom to bring people to the knowledge of the truth, as team , we urgently need training in domains of ICT; Agricultural technology, and health...we also need computers; logistics and finances.  Pray for long term IT missionaries with servers, networks, and/or programming.

We need someone with Salesforce experience to help us convert our current system to Salesforce. IE, Student system & Personnel system

We need people to participate in Papua New Guinea, Alotau. To setup and teach computers, both basic and advanced. 

50 used/new  laptops, IT consultants, training, setup, hardware and software.  We need newer servers.