2016 TXYSAI   -   TEXAS, USA

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proprietary business & IT  tools & methodologies for 15-30-60-90-day engagements 



a positive disruption


traditional consulting







intelligent ecosystems


business & it

make key business & it decisions faster, smarter, & with more accuracy

end the battle with rising cybersecurity cost & accelerate compliance

overcome outsourcing issues & secure your success

Complex, Competitive, and Powerful

BUSINESS & IT Strategies

Designed, Planned  & Enabled with Maximum Efficiency - Within Days 


Tools & Methodologies

Significant Reduction
of Cost & Time


Repeatable & Reusable 



Methodologies for
Business & IT


Predictive Scenarios & Powerful Simulations



Solving Issues for Outsourced & Outsourcing Entities

Instruction by Senior Executives





(connecting fast all aspects of the enterprise)



(reusable, repeatable methods of overcoming challenges in business & IT)

15/30/60/90 DAYS MAXIMUM


(commitment to speed and excellence in delivery)

Demanding, Emerging, and Impactful

Automation, Machine Learning, AI, & VR Strategies

Designed Holistically - Within Days 

  • sustainable cybersecurity program

  • CxO + Board engagement to mitigate risks

  • An ecosystem of cybersecurity that incorporates external partners and business strategy

  • Preparation of Customer & shareholder response, by proactively aligning GRC measures with PR best practices 

  • End-to-End Sustainability Methodology

  • CISO Mentorship Program

  • Training

  • Cyberator:  A proprietary risk assessment tool that reduces time by 75% and reduces cost significantly.  Within minutes board-ready, executive-ready, and PMO-ready reports are generated post assessment

  1. A robust cybersecurity ecosystem with  redundancy and shared responsibilities

  2. A strong cyber secure culture where all organizational activities factor in Cybersecurity practices

  3. REDUCTION of cost & time

  4. An ecosystem of cybersecurity practices, where organization-wide projects are filtered through cybersecurity measures


E X P E R I E N C E  

We have designed and run Cybersecurity programs affecting 75,000 employees & 500+ departments

  • Disruption of traditional business & IT consulting, that over-consumes time and funding

  • Simplification of complexity in strategic decision-making at all levels

  • Exponential increase of accuracy & predictions via simulations and scenarios - business & IT

  • Sustainable, repeatable model that gives client full autonomy

  • Proprietary Ecosystem  Platform

  • Proprietary Ecosystem Framework for:

    • strategy

    • analytics

    • digital transformation

    • business & IT portfolio management

    • organizational change management

1-2 weeks

  • The exact solution to the CORE problems in your enterprise

  • Multiple complex scenarios and simulations on strategic moves to consider

15-90 days

  • An ecosystem framework that is repeatable & reusable, owned by the client to overcome future complex decision-making challenges


Our team of senior executives has achieved the following in their careers


34% improvement in overall customer satisfaction in large enterprises    

87% improvement in cybersecurity posture  

54% stabilization of IT portfolio through proper ranking and valuation models  

82% improvement in overall productivity through value-based organizational change management  

23% reduction on promotional spend 

67% improvement in governance, risk & compliance by balancing processes  

5000+ successfully managed projects    

57% improvement in employee satisfaction through value-based organizational change management  

8 billion in successfully negotiated contracts  

27% reduction of cost in IT operations by maximizing assets  

42% improvement in operations by using Business Process Reengineering  

38% speed acceleration in delivery of portfolio initiatives


E X P E R I E N C E  

We have implemented our valuation models, sustainability models, and ecosystem methodology in multi-billion dollar organizations

  • Improve the Business & IT Outsourcing & Outsourced experience, for Contracting and Contracted Organizations

  • Achieve peak performance in a global ecosystem

  • Empower contracted outsourced  teams to deliver excellence, while overcoming tight demands

  • Empower contracting managers to excel in multicultural and global settings, while overcoming multiple constraints

  • Online, LIVE, Customized 


  • Consultation with our Senior Executives, resolving strategic and tactical issues, while increasing the caliber of delivery

  • Proprietary ecosystems methodologies & cybersecurity approaches, infused in all workshops 

  • PROACTIVE services program

  • MID-STREAM services program

Teams collaborating with clarity of purpose, concise expectations, and aligned speed of delivery.

Client Deliverables

  • Preliminary Analysis of Need

  • ​Tailored Workshop for Client's Specific Challenges 

  • Scenarios, Exercises & Simulations for Peak Performance

  • Tailored Wrap-Up Consultation to Ensure Success

  • High Level Roadmap for Sustainable Growth


  • Successfully managed thousands of business & IT team members in the US and around the globe

  • Delivered while overcoming multiple constraints

  • Keen understanding of what it takes to yield the best results, and produce the highest competitive edge



O U R   D I F F E R E N C E 

We have have been in your shoes.  
We understand the constraints and challenges you face in business & IT.  We can help you overcome obstacles and create a new competitive edge for your enterprise.