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Virtual Societies and The Speed of offline worlds

January 12, 2017


Have you ever thought about virtual worlds created by humans, in the sense of historical events, their interpretation, nonlinear time measurement and "paused" worlds? And what about "frozen" systems, environment collapse caused by the domino effect, initiated by critical systems which passed its threshold? Just to add a bit more of confusion and make it even more complex,  did you take into consideration some unusual attributes such as world "versions" and their reincarnation capabilities, applicable to their entities. If you answered "no" to any of these questions, you are probably wondering what I mean by that. To be absolutely honest, I didn't know all the answers before I decided to write this article (or at least I wasn't sure how are all these questions related to each other). But progressively, thinking about the connections between the questions, I eventually found some answers (at least for myself) and I'll try to explain them in the following sections.


We know our history (as a society) as long as we can remember it. On the contrary, we can just predict or analyze, exactly what happened prior to our timeline and inside the environment not occupied or explored by human kind. Historical events, such as an earthquake or a volcano eruption are observable for as long as that particular environment (where that historical event happen) still exists. To summarize this, our capability to understand and comprehend known history is limited to observation and analysis combined with ability to store and accesses this information. Our level of information collection, storage, access and usage is increasing exponentially dependent upon our technology level.


Technology level... Technology level... Technology level...


Are you wondering why I repeated the same words multiple times? I want to let these words resonate inside your mind…  Fundamentally, our technology level does not just drive scanning, describing and referencing of everything from our physical world, it also specifies our ability to represent it by world simulation, or as we know it as virtualization. The virtualization itself is not just an enabler of artificial representation of these data and simulated interaction with them, it also gives us the ability to create artificial worlds, societies, environments and more.  


So what are the essential differences between the virtual and the physical worlds? Why is so important to understand them, how can we benefit from interacting inside virtual worlds and what are the consequences of these interactions?


To fully understand this problem, we should specify what the virtual world is, what characteristics are dividing these worlds apart and what characteristics are common for both worlds. If these questions are intriguing for you, I will try to answer them in me next blog entry. See you then…

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