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Stand Out from the Competition - How QUALITY-DECISION-MAKING can bring a New Tune to your enterprise's repertoire

January 23, 2017

A surprisingly large number of leaders have had to wrestle with poor tools, weak mentorship and not enough critical analysis to make fast, difficult, and thoroughly impactful decisions in the enterprise.




Therefore, decision-making often falls within the traps of avoiding risk altogether, deciding by committee, forming a habit of plunging through with the aid of 'gut' feelings, or simply reverting to 'how it has always been done' in the organization. The results often elucidate a gap in the decision-making process, leaving leaders still ill-equipped to harness all the variables, conditions, and factors in a concise manner, in order to realize the intended outcome. 




Let's take a leaf from the quality management book. An excellent quality management program in entities ranging from farming to software development companies, is largely responsible for anticipating proper expectations, and avoiding a myriad of pitfalls post-execution. Likewise, putting your decision-making process through a quality management lens, where you create the spheres of internal and external influences and add the critical people-process-technology factors can go a long way in increasing TRUST across the enterprise. 




Quality is often thought of at the point of having something tangible to test, to measure, and to rate. Rarely do companies place the same rigor in 'how' they are traversing through the decision-making steps. Unstructured meetings, dialogues, and concessions are interweaved as fruitful exercises towards reaching a decision, where in fact, they ought to be treated as ancillary components. 

Create and define a foundational structure that accelerates the process, increases accuracy, and incorporates ALL the critical components at the time of making an important decision - well worth the effort. This brings quality, success, predictability, and profit. 

From HR to cybersecurity, Facilities to Marketing, all parts of the organization must be included with their critical components at the time of decision-making, even if such decision appears to affect only one aspect of the enterprise. The rigor and discipline of quickly covering these elements will do more than make your risk management officer happy, it will yield cohesiveness of thought and practice throughout the company, increase visibility of cracks in the people-process-technology realms, and it will measure early all the intangible elements that influence the process.


TRUST - the CURRENCY within your company


Reliability, responsibility, accuracy, predictability - these are all common expectations from an HR perspective for employees, but how much do we leverage them within the governance of the decision-process?

Trust is an enormous asset, and it has deep importance. Every member of the organization will be positively impacted by knowing that implicitly and explicitly decisions that affect them directly or indirectly are made thorough a comprehensive (yet, very fast) process. 

Increasing the quality of decision-making yields trust. Trust yields better performance, and this gives fruit to higher profits and better services.


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